4 ways to consume CBD!

Instead of taking medication, patients today prefer to turn to natural methods. For example, CBD known as "cannabidiol heals chronic painIt is also used to relieve pain, muscular and articular problems. Unlike the other components of the hemp plant, it has no harmful effects on health.

In addition to relieving certain physical ailments, CBD improves sleep, optimizes recovery and spices up the sex life, provided you select one that is adequate to its needs and consume it properly. Here are the top 4 ways to get the full benefits of cannabidiol:

The cannabis flower: herbal tea

The cannabis flower remains the most known when one wishes to benefit from the therapeutic properties of this substance. It looks like a THC-based weed head. Only, it does not consist of any psychoactive element.

Here, the method is not to smoke CBD, but rather toinhale with the help of a spray bottle of quality. A mode of consumption recommended for people fighting against smoking.

Do you lack experience? You can also get the full benefits of CBD flowers by preparing yourself herbal tea. To do this, simply grind them into crumbs with a grinder and then use them as teas. To facilitate the dissolution of the cannabinoid substances in the water, add a small amount of fat. Vegetable oil, milk, butter, cream... the possibilities are numerous!

Don't have the time to prepare your cannabidiol infusion? Internet is there to help you. Online stores already offer products ready for use: flower, e-liquid, pod ... The site CBDude.com will tell you a little more.

The CBD wax: vaping, dab, seasoning

Neither liquid nor solid, CBD wax takes the form ofa crystallized oil. Obtained by CO2 extraction of hemp plants, all the sensory qualities of cannabidiol are preserved. Ecological, it is the only technique giving the capacity to release the odorous molecules of the leaves.

  • Wax is usually consumed by vaping using an electronic cigarette. Don't you like the taste it gives off? Prefer theingested in food.
  • To try new experiences, do not miss to take it in dab with a dab rig, a bong or a dabber. These tools preserve this so-called "concentrated" form of cannabis.
  • Do you have extensive knowledge? Feel free to mix the wax with e-liquid and propylene glycol. However, do not exceed the prescribed dosage: 200 mg of cannabidiol to incorporate with 5 ml of propylene glycol.
  • A beginner? What if you use a spray bottle to absorb CBD? Like flower or resin, you just need to select a versatile vaporizer. Easy to handle, it will not affect your health. However, don't forget to heat your equipment.
  • Use it as seasoning to preserve the aromas of your culinary preparations. You will feel its relaxing effects in only a few hours.

Are you interested in this method, but did you not know where to buy CBD in Besançon ? Hemp-based products already freely marketed, they can be found both online and in physical stores.

The e-liquid : vapotage

Thanks to the electronic cigarette, it is now possible to consume CBD in vape. Only, it is necessary to get the e-liquid. A product already authorized in France. There are 2 types, including :

  • The e-liquid version "booster" rich in cannabidiol, to use most often with a neutral base;
  • The classic e-liquid with various levels of CBD, to buy already "prepared".

CBD oil

CBD oil can be used in a variety of ways and is also very practical. Cannabidiol is beneficial for the skin and can be found in cosmetic products. A mode of consumption guaranteeing a soft transmission of the active ingredients of the plant by the epidermis.

Do you want an immediate effect? Prefer oral administration. Put a few drops under your tongue by getting a pipette. Leave the product in for about 10 minutes so that you can absorb it all. Then rinse your mouth with warm water.

Are you still afraid of the health side effects of cannabidiol or are you still not convinced of its benefits? Understand everything about the making of CBD.

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