Reviews of JustBob

Buying CBD on the web is becoming increasingly easy and appreciated by many consumers of cannabidiol in France. In addition, there are now several platforms that allow you to get products based on cannabidiol. JustBob is currently one of the references on the market. To know a little more about it, here is our JustBob notice.

Reviews JustBob, an online CBD store 

JustBob is an e-commerce platform that offers for sale cannabidiol products on the web. This site is known for its ability to select high quality flowers from all over the world and particularly in Europe. This allows it to provide its customers with quality products. 

JustBob offers a production device that complies with the self-checking system called HACCP. It has taken advantage of technological developments and the web to impose itself on the market. Thus, the site is now part of the leaders in the CBD market

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JustBob's opinion, the products offered 

For this JustBob noticeIt is interesting to look at the products that the site offers. JustBob currently provides its customers with a wide variety of products from CBD. 

The most requested products on the platform are CBD flowers, resins and CBD oils. Moreover, at this site of sale, it is also possible to get hash whose content in CBD is between 14 and 19 %. 

CBD flowers

On JustBob, you have the possibility to choose different types of CBD flowers: 

  • Indoor CBD flowers Flowers grown indoors, they offer quality products thanks to controlled growing conditions. 
  • CBD flowers outdoor Flowers from outdoor cultivation more natural, they offer products very popular with CBD enthusiasts. 
  • CBD green house flowers Flowers from a culture that allows for both natural and artificial light. 


Justbob is one of the few platforms that sell hash of excellent quality. You have the choice between a wide range of products, with a high content of CBD. The most requested hashish on the site are the moonrocks. 

CBD resins

JustBob offers you the possibility to take advantage of hemp resins for therapeutic, curative or recreational use. The THC content of these products corresponds perfectly to the European legislations. 

Essential oils of CBD

These products are also very popular on the JustBob website. You can find several selections ofoils with different aromas. It is even possible to find Organic CBD oilsfor those who do not particularly appreciate the taste of CBD. 

Other products 

Unlike other CBD platforms, JustBob focuses on a niche market. Because of this, they do not provide CBD products that are not in their area of expertise. However, in addition to the aforementioned products, you can purchase CBD, which is reserved for pets. 

JustBob notice, services 


cbd delivery

With JustBob, you can have your package delivered directly to your home. The company provides its customers with a efficient delivery service to deliver your products. This service offers all the necessary means to provide fast shipments. 

Online payment

To simplify your purchases on the site, JustBob offers a payment method that allows you to pay for your purchases more quickly. You will be able to access different payment methods. Thus, you can pay your order in a few clicks and anywhere.  

After sales services 

In order to always guarantee customer satisfaction, JustBob offers an after-sales service to take care of your complaints. This service accompanies you at all times to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

JustBob review for CBD products?

There are multiple reasons to order cannabidiol products from JustBob. The online store offers a wide variety of choices in flowers, resins, oils or other products. 

The company has been able to provide quality products designed from hemp from an organic culture. You can even find on the official website of the brand the results of laboratory analysis. 

For theJustbob opinionBy choosing JustBob, you can be sure that you will get high quality products that are made in Europe and comply with European legislation. The e-commerce site is also efficient in terms of commercial services. Whether it is delivery, payment facilities or customer service, you will be completely satisfied. 

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