CBD sales website: review of CBD Farm

Belonging to the Sweet Taste company, La Ferme du CBD is one of the most popular CBD sales sites in France. Moreover, the numerous favorable comments of the Internet users on the web can attest of this notoriety. To know everything about the e-commerce platform of cannabidiol, discover in this article a opinion about La Ferme du CBD

Notice of CBD Farm : description

La Ferme du CBD has become in a few years one of the main actors on the French cannabidiol market. Indeed, it is even one of the references in the online cannabidiol trade. The popularity of this CBD shop is mainly based on the variety of its products, its attractive prices and also the quality of its commercial services. 

Today, CBD Farm has established itself not only in France, but also throughout Europe. The site, now available in different languages, collaborates more and more with marketing and advertising platforms. Moreover, the opinion on CBD Farm on the web have shown that this site is among the favorite sites of French consumers.

If you wish to have more information, you can also find a review on https://www.passion-cbd.fr/avis/la-ferme-du-cbd-avis 

Opinion La Ferme du CBD : the products 

CBD flowers

CBD Farm offers its customers top of the line cannabidiol flowers on the market. In addition, the site offers consumers several varieties of products from 3 types of cultivation: 

  • Indoor culture (optimal quality)
  • Outdoor culture (flower with low CBD content)
  • Green house culture (good quality)

CBD oils 

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The CBD Store provides its customers with a wide selection of CBD oils. These products have a CBD content between 5 % and 40 %. The proposed oils respect perfectly the French and European laws on the CBD. You can find oils such as: 

  • Full spectrum 
  • Broad spectrum 

CBD resins

They are also part of the positive points mentioned by the comments of the consumers of CBD on the Web. It should be noted that the site offers its customers premium quality resins (CBD hash). Moreover, customers can choose between several types of colors, flavors and textures of product. 


The CBD Farm also offers e-liquids for vaping. The products offered for sale are "full spectrum" and allow customers to enjoy the effect of surrounding. 

CBD moonrocks

It is a compound of CBD flowers wrapped in pollen or CBD crystals. It is a product rather appreciated on the site and which has a significant rate of CBD. 

CBD concentrates

The concentrates of CBD placed at the disposal of the Internet users propose a strong content in CBD (between 60 % and 99 %). It is a product obviously intended for the informed consumers. 

In addition, in addition to these main products, the CBD Farm promotes some products such as capsules, candy or cosmetics. 

Opinion La Ferme du CBD : the customer service 

Customer service is one of the many positive points of the CBD Farm site. Their service is indeed known to be responsive and competent. You can actually contact them during business days, through a contact form, social networks, by phone or through an online messaging system. 

The CBD Farm also offers several general information about cannabidiol and medical cannabis through a blog section. You can find several articles related to CBD. 

Opinion La Ferme du CBD : well presented product pages

The e-commerce sales platform offers simple, modern and easy to use product pages. The user can easily find information about each product offered for sale. The pages are ergonomic and provide a good user experience.

Final opinion on the CBD Farm

Generally speaking, we can say that the favorable opinions expressed by Internet users about the CBD Farm are completely justified. The popularity of this site is based on the variety of products offered, the accessible prices, an efficient commercial service and a fast and efficient delivery system. 

The expertise and the basic principles of The CBD Farm are particularly based on quality products, local and from a certified and controlled supplier. This is a considerable asset and makes this site one of the best suppliers of CBD products on the market.