Review of The Green Store

True major player in the cannabidiol market in France, The Green Store is one of the best CBD stores in France. Thanks to a high quality product and a rich catalog, this site has become a reference in this field. To know a little more, here is a review of The Green Store. 

Presentation of The Green Store 

The Green Store is a online CBD store which was conceived in 2018 and has been able to establish itself on the online cannabidiol market in France. It should be known that this CBD Shop attracts more and more customers thanks in particular to its ability to offer the best CBD products at very accessible prices. 

Moreover, The Green Store has collaborated with European hemp producers to bring more quality in its offers. Especially since the site offers prices defying all competition. Thanks to a collaboration with suppliers, the sales site can thus offer you a CBD-based product without pesticides and with a THC content in compliance with European legislation (less than 0.2 %).

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opinion on the green store at the product level

On the CBD market, The Green Store has one of the richest catalogs. Here are the main products available on the market. 

CBD flowers 

The Green Store offers its customers several varieties of CBD flowers. Whether you are looking for sweet, fruity or even flowers with spicy, herbal and powerful flavors. The CBD flowers respect perfectly the European legislation, particularly on the rate of THC (less than 0.2 %). 

It provides its customers with the 3 types of CBD flowers: 

  • Indoor (best quality)
  • Outdoor (low CBD content)
  • In green house (good quality)

CBD resins 

The Green Store offers many CBD resins for fans of this format. The e-commerce platform offers high quality resins and pollenswith different levels of CBD and also different flavors. 

It should also be noted that the online consumer reviews of The Green Store CBD resins are all positive. In addition, the prices are interesting since they are the cheapest prices on the market. 

CBD oils

Varieties of CBD oil

So are many CBD sites, The Green Store offers a variety of CBD oil in its catalog. The store offers its customers quality oils with different cannabidiol contents. Moreover, the majority of the oils present on the site are "full spectrum", allowing the user to benefit from the effect of surrounding. 

CBD moonrocks

The Green Store CBD website also offers moon rocks CBDwhich are very fashionable products. They are CBD flowers covered with CBD oil or wax and then wrapped with CBD pollen or CBD crystals. 

CBD e-liquids

The Green Store puts in sale of CBD e-liquids intended exclusively for vapotage. The site offers several types of quality products, with different flavors and to inhale. 

CBD infusions

With CBD infusions, the user can enjoy the pleasures of a hot drink and the virtues of cannabidiol. You can choose between several flavors of infusions with relaxing effects. 

CBD concentrates

The e-commerce site also proposes concentrates of hemp which propose rather high contents of cannabidiol. These are products intended for the informed consumers. 

In addition to these main products, it is also possible to find candy, cosmetics, boosters (to design your own e-liquid) even products for animals. A variety of products that can satisfy everyone. 

OPINION ON THE GREEN STORE concerning the services

The payment 

The site offers a fully secure payment system through the SSL/HTTPS protocol associated with the 3D secure system. This allows you to make a paying in peace and quiet by bank transfer or credit card. 

The delivery

This CBD platform offers a fast and discreet delivery, with a guarantee "package delivered or sent for free".   

The customer service 

This service is accessible by email through a form to be found on the website of The Green Store or from its Facebook page. The site offers a very satisfactory commercial service, which meets the needs of customers. 

Final notice The GreenStore

This commercial site is now part of the best platforms for selling CBD on the French market. This is due to the wide variety of its catalogThis is due to the exceptional quality of these products and the very attractive prices, especially on CBD flowers. 

Apart from the products, The Green Store also stands out for the seriousness of its commercial services (delivery and customer service) and also for the security of the payment.

This sales platform is therefore a major player in the CBD market. It is a trusted site that is ideal for getting good cannabidiol products.  

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